The pool market is evolving,
pools are too...

PoolCop is a complete and innovative solution, allowing you to systematically monitor and control all of your clients’ pools.

A true business tool for your company and your teams, PoolCop enables you to keep a constant eye on your portfolio of pools. In this way you are able to optimise your service calls and manage the variables of different pools remotely.

These time savings and efficiencies help you make your services and maintenance contracts highly profitable whilst at the same time increasing client loyalty.
With PoolCop, you forge a close relationship with your clients; they in turn experience the benefits of better management of their pool and its equipment.

Guarantee a pool that is always ready for swimming!


The Valve Data Unit (VDU) that installs easily in place of the manual 6-way valve on the filter (suitable for all types of filters and pumps).

The Control Communication Unit (CCU) which is mounted adjacent to the pool’s electrical box.

PoolCop allows you to intervene remotely and instantly on your client’s pool and pool equipment:

  • You eliminate unnecessary travel and optimize your time management
  • In case of alerts or malfunction, you can intervene remotely in real time to change a parameter or diagnose the issue instantly
  • In case of a longer alert, in parallel PoolCop informs and alerts the user who receives personalized recommendations for the management and treatment of his pool.

Efficiency and duration, automatic cleaning, temperature, Eco+ mode linked to water temperature…

Water Level
Consumption, impact of weather forecast, refill and reduction, leak detection…

pH control, water balance, disinfection (chlorine, salt, UV, remnant, etc.)

Heating, lights, cleaner, fountains, irrigation, etc.

Pool, pump, equipment, anti-freeze, high temperature, battery, etc.

Video, view and control, emails, alerts, on your computer, tablet and smartphone

The benefits for YOU,

Making it easy for you to be proactive in your management of services, the management of your clients and the sustainability of your business.

Respond to a
real need

Provide your clients
with a solution

your activities

your company

your profitability

client loyalty