Based in the south of France, PCFR develops intelligent technology, providing solutions which automatically and proactively manage the swimming pool environment.
We believe that by connecting pool and garden equipment to a cloud platform, it is possible to provide higher levels of service to ensure year-round guaranteed pool pleasure.
Since 2009, PCFR has been developing, manufacturing and commercializing solutions to control and optimise the real-time management and maintenance of pools.
With PoolCop we offer a product that is easy to install, simple to use and is sympathetic to our environment.

As a pool owner, logic indicated that the filtration, and thus the cleanliness of the filter, was the key for impeccable water quality. This is why the automatic circulation valve is the very heart of our automation. Integrated sensors for water and air temperature, pressure, pH and ORP then allow us to gather essential data and control the processes via algorithms. This is the winning combination that means pool owners can be guaranteed pure pool pleasure!

Lane HOY, president CEO PCFR

The PoolCop Team

PCFR is a dynamic company with a close-knit team who are devoted to developing solutions that are not only intelligent but that also strive to work in harmony with our environment.

Most of our team members started as clients and PoolCop owners who were then became part of our passionate team. The contribution that they bring via their own experiences as pool owners is invaluable and serves to remind us of the real expectations of the end user.

Lane HOY President CEO

We created PCFR in 2009. Since then our goal has been to drive the evolution of the pool market using innovation and technology, whilst maintaining a strategic international vision.

Kate FAURE General Manager

Our clients are looking for automation solutions that allow them to better manage costs and at the same time function in harmony with the environment; we are here to accompany them in this process.

Bruno MOUYSSET Production, QC

We are committed to exceeding our clients” expectations.

René BRUNIER R&D, Manufacture

We have created a solution that is complete and that truly does make everyday pool maintenance automatic.

Roxane DENIS Service Client

Thanks to PoolCop everyday maintenance is automatic and proactive.

Léa KIENLEN Service Client

Client satisfaction is our priority.

Cyrille BALLAND Production

Home automation is no longer science fiction. Pool owners can already connect their pools and have access to a bunch of functionality from their phones.

Sébastien WARIN Chief Technology Officer



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