Transform the
pool experience

Autonomous maintenance,
for pure pool pleasure!


This complete solution analyzes and controls the condition of your pool and makes its maintenance fully autonomous.
Whether it’s water temperature, lighting, water level, filter status, water balance or disinfection… PoolCop frees you from all constraints and alerts you if something needs attention.
And what’s more, you can avoid the pool equipment room; you have full control at your fingertips via the web interface.

Designed around a proven automatic valve, PoolCop is the first and only device that manages filtration as the first step to better water quality.
This logical and practical approach – which results in a sparkling pool with fewer chemicals, less energy consumption and far less effort – has been awarded the prize Eco Attitude: innovation in pool maintenance equipment.

The only task left is to enjoy your pool!


PoolCop ensures crystal clear water. Clear water contains fewer nutrients for bacteria and algae to grow, so there is less requirement for chemicals.
This means that not only are you respecting to your environment, you are also providing swimmers with healthier water.
-50% in chemical use

Cost Effective

PoolCop reduces water waste, the use of consumables and the consumption of energy. Constant monitoring of your pool ensures that leaks are quickly detected.
The well-being of your wallet is ensured thanks to increased filtration efficiency, continuous optimisation of the pump running time and more efficient use of auxiliary equipment.
-32% in electrical consumption


PoolCop optimizes filtration, controls water level and regulates water treatment. The water treatment (pH and disinfection) is fully automatic: removing the requirement for test kits. The reliability of this solution removes all the hassle of pool maintenance, leaving you with the sole task of enjoying your pool.
PoolCop controls and optimizes all auxiliary equipment around the pool leaving you to relax while the work is taken care of.
-100% effort

Pool Owner’s

Before I installed a PoolCop my pool was a constant source of stress for me. Once PoolCop was installed my relationship with my pool changed completely and I finally discovered why I built a pool in the first place – swimming, fun and family time!

Matthieu R.


Our company has been in the pool maintenance market for a little over ten years and we currently have an active portfolio of about 150 pools. As a business solution, PoolCop allows us to manage our daily call-outs and in this way increase our productivity. Every morning we start with an overview of our pools and can quickly see which ones need urgent attention and which ones can be slotted into a regular maintenance call (replenish consumables, empty pump baskets, etc.) This level of detail and control on each pool allows us to provide a “Blue Water Guarantee” to our client. Our clients trust us to deliver and we do.

Paul D.